Image - about me

A couple of years after I graduated from my architectural studies in Louvain, I moved to Ghent to start the program for textile design as I was attracted by the tactility of a textile creation. It is exactly this combination of architecture and textile that fascinates me.

Drawing textile into space especially contributes to the awareness and the function of a spot where people dwell. The architectural setting always captivates me. It is a daily inspiration and confrontation to translate both space and image into the more compressed scale of a woven fabric.

To me, designing textile is a thrilling quest for a balance between the graphic image, the uniqueness of the material and the technical nature of the weaving process. I feel that the challenge consists of joining not entirely obvious combinations which reflect the specificity of the moment.

I acquired experience with Betet Skara (Antwerp) and during a number of years with a Belgian linen weaving mill. In 2015 I felt the urge to start my own design shop in Antwerp.

Designing textile is combined by a part-time teaching assignment in the curriculum for interior design in Mechelen.